DSN 2008 Workshop on
Resilience Assessment
and Dependability Benchmarking

Anchorage, Alaska, USA
25 June 2008



Andrea Bondavalli
University of Firenze, Italy

Istvan Majzik
Budapest University of
Technology, Hungary

Aad van Moorsel
University of Newcastle, UK



Andrea Bondavalli
University of Firenze, Italy

Lorenzo Falai
ResilTech S.R.L., Italy

Karama Kanoun

Istvan Majzik
Budapest University of
Technology, Hungary

Roy Maxion
Carnegie Mellon University, US

Aad van Moorsel
University of Newcastle, UK

Ivan Mura
Microsoft Research, Italy

Takashi Nanya
University of Tokyo, Japan

Lisa Spainhower

Lorenzo Strigini
City University, UK

Francis Tam
Nokia Research, Finland

Marco Vieira
University of Coimbra, Portugal


The sensitivity to faults and attacks in computing systems, the increasing failure rate, and the ever growing cost of the failures created a dependability and security gap that is often perceived by users as a lack of trustworthiness in computer applications. The need for improving trustworthiness and understand the current risks calls for effective and accurate methods for measuring, assessing and benchmarking dependability and resilience.
Although considerable efforts have already been made, measuring dependability and resilience in computer systems still raises problems and challenges.

The workshop aimed at the presentation and exchange of ideas from the world wide research community, stimulating scientific research and fostering discussions in order to give answers to the key research challenges in this field.

The main topics of the workshop:

  • Highlighting the peculiarities of modern computer systems and network infrastructures from the viewpoint of measuring and assessing resilience;
  • Defining metrics and benchmarks for comparative evaluation of the resilience of systems;
  • Proposing assessment methodologies and tools that can be characterized on the basis of criteria and indicators known in (or related to) measurement theory, in order to facilitate a more rigorous treatment and fair comparison of resilience.


3 extended abstracts and 5 work-in-progress reports were accepted for presentation. The final versions of the papers were published in the Supplemental Proceedings (CD-ROM) of DSN 2008. Additionally, the papers are available here on the web page of the workshop.


June 25th, 2008

Session 1: Methodology for Measuring and Assessing Resilience
Chair: Henrique Madeira (University of Coimbra, Portugal)

Invited Talk:
Resilience Assessment and Dependability Benchmarking: the Challenge of Prediction
Lorenzo Strigini (City University, UK)

RODS: General Framework for Rigorous Observation of Distributed Systems
Lorenzo Falai (ResilTech, Italy) and Andrea Bondavalli (University of Florence, Italy)

Trust Economics Feasibility Study
Robert Coles (Merrill-Lynch), Jonathan Griffin (HP Labs), Hilary Johnson (University of Bath, UK), Brian Monahan (HP Labs), Simon Parkin (Newcastle University, UK), David Pym (HP Labs & University of Bath, UK), Angela Sasse (University College London, UK), and Aad van Moorsel (Newcastle University, UK)


Session 2: Hardware Assessment
Chair: Andrea Bondavalli (University of Florence, Italy)

A Field Failure Analysis of Microprocessors used in Information Systems
Syed Z. Shazli, Mohammed Abdul-Aziz, Mehdi B. Tahoori, David R. Kaeli (Northeastern University, USA)

Towards Dependability Benchmarking of Hardware Cores for Embedded Systems
David de Andres, Juan-Carlos Ruiz, Daniel Gil and Pedro Gil (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain)

A Framework based on Boolean Satisfiability for Soft Error Rate Estimation in Early Design Stages
Syed Z. Shazli and Mehdi B. Tahoori (Northeastern University, USA)


Session 3: Characterization of Resilience
Chair: Aad van Moorsel (University of Newcasatle, UK)

Enhancing the NekoStat Tool with Uncertainty, Resolution and Intrusiveness Evaluation Capabilities
Andrea Bondavalli (Universita degli Studi di Firenze, Italy), Andrea Ceccarelli (Universita degli Studi di Firenze, Italy), Lorenzo Falai (ResilTech, Italy) and Michele Vadursi (Universita di Napoli “Parthenope”, Italy)

Failure Characterization of a Large Enterprise Computing Environment
Mei-Chen Hsueh (Boeing, USA)

The AMBER Data Repository
Marco Vieira, Naaliel Mendes, Joao Duraes, and Henrique Madeira (University of Coimbra, Portugal)


Workshop location and registration: DSN 2008 web page
Full program of the DSN 2008 Conference: DSN 2008 web page
Workshop web page: http://www.amber-project.eu/radb08/
Call for papers: Download PDF here

The organization of the workshop was supported by the AMBER - "Assessing, Measuring, and Benchmarking Resilience" Coordination Action project 216295 funded by the European Commission in the Seventh Framework Programme.

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